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The Best Furniture in the World

We combine the creativity of world renowned brands with the productive capacity of the companies of Paços de Ferreira. - European Capital of Furniture.

A challenge to creativity and production techniques, the result of which combines a global experience with the know-how of a dynamic, competitive and innovative territory.

European Capital of Furniture

The largest furniture production and exhibition  center in Europe. 

5 thousand companies,  within a 5 km radius; 

1.5 million m2 of production area;

1 million m2 of exhibition area;

1.1 billion euros of annual turnover;

Territory of Northern Portugal, dynamic,  innovative and competitive. 

About 15 minutes from Francisco de Sá  Carneiro Airport (Porto). 

20 minutes from the Leixões Port and  the railway line. 

Quick connection by motorway ( A41 / A42).

With the exhibition “Best furniture of the World” and the
edition of this publication, the Municipality of Paços de
Ferreira intends to show, nationally and internationally,
that this is the most important brand of the Municipality
and the one responsible for making Paços de Ferreira the
“Capital of Furniture“ and the” European Capital of Furniture
“across borders. The history of the furniture industry
has accompanied us from a long time ago: it is the life history
of all industrialists and all Pacenses companies, and
has been, for a long time, the main factor of the economic
development of the community.
Nowadays the companies of Paços de Ferreira affirm
themselves in international markets thanks to their enterprising
spirit. It invests in design, innovation, technology
and qualified human resources. The ancestral know-how
- a set of practical knowledge inherited within the family
through work and the will to grow - represents a path of

Our companies and our entrepreneurs are at the level
of the great European markets of furniture and decorative
articles. They turn out to be competitive, marketing
products of excellence that easily affirm themselves in the
global market.

Today our five thousand companies are within a five-kilometer
radius; Have 1 million square meters of exhibition
space and 1.5 million square meters of production; A Billion
euros annually - a factor that makes them a unique
success story across Europe.

This catalog and the exhibition “The Best Furniture in the
World” aim to be a stimulus not only for our companies
but also for international brands that have accepted the
challenge of designing the prototypes presented here.
Because we believe in our companies, our entrepreneurs
and our workers, here we are showing the best furnitures
in the world.