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Beekeeping in Paços de Ferreira is an activity that generates an average of 3 tons of annual production.
The various kinds of honey (rosemary, orange, eucalyptus, sunflower, heather, roses, etc.) vary according to the characteristics and geographical location of the plant where the nectar is extracted and the types of the producing bees.
Our producers work daily to maintain their hives so that the product displays the quality of excellence that it has.


In the European Capital of Furniture handmade liqueur is produced, an alcoholic beverage usually mixed with herbs, fruits, seeds, flowers or tree barks. These liquors are not usually aged for long but may rest until they reach the ideal flavor.
The most common description of liqueur is a sweet drink, with a high alcohol content (ranging from 20% vol. and 28% vol.) Served in small cups, it is ideal after meals.


The production of cheese at Paços Ferreira comes from the time of the Milk and Dairy Station of the Agriculture Regional Directorate of Entre Douro and Minho.
Currently, cheese producers state their commitment to producing cured cheese, semi-soft, yellowish paste, obtained by slow draining after coagulation of pasteurized cow's milk. They are presented in square, rectangular and cylinder shaped. Its weight varies between 550gr. and 1200gr.

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