Capão à Freamunde

The European Capital of Furniture gastronomy offer sets itself apart by the endogenous products such as the ‘Capon à la Freamunde’ certified by the European Commission with the Protect Geographical Indication of denomination (PGI), as well as the typical sweets of the region.

The ‘Capon’ (castrated rooster) is an almost unique tradition in the whole world, whose roots date back to the Roman Empire. For that, it was considered by many authors as the ‘Manjar dos Reis’ (Feast for kings).

Served with roasted potato, green sprouts and oven rice, this dish is a certified product with protected geographical indication, considered the gastronomical ex-libris of the region. Cooked Freamunde style, it gathers every time famous lovers, that every year do not miss the Gastronomical week, taking place from 1st  to 13th  of December, being the 13th the day of the famous ‘Capon’ fair.

Where to eat:

  • O Penta
  • Aidé
  • A Presa
  • O Tarasco
  • O Gusto
  • O Telheiro
  • Casa de Campo
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