Paços de Ferreira city Park

Old Milk Dairy Station of the Agriculture Regional Directorate of Entre Douro-e-Minho.

The park with the best location in the country.

Café/bar Casa da Eira.

Picnic Park


195.000 m2 of area.

Geographic coordinates: 41°16'24.53"N 8°22'30.45"W

Freamunde Leisure Park

Sport fishing pratice

Walking area with pedal boats

Space fo picnics


10.000 m2 of area.

Geographic coordinates: 41°16'58.09"N 8°20'20.89"W

Meixomil Leisure Park

Amphitheatre for 120 people.

Free space for sports.


Picnic Park.

Café/bar with terracce

32.000 m2 of area.

Geographic coordinates: 41°17'23.79"N 8°23'27.51"W.

Seroa Leisure Park

Lake for walks in pedal boats.

Bathing area.


Banstand for music and theater performances


Free space for sport.

16.000 m2 of aea.

Geographic coordinates: 41°15'59.82"N 8°25'40.10"W.

Municipal Garden

Built in 1892.

Located in the central part of Dr. Luís Square.

Tercentenary English oak, the ex-líbris of the city.

Geographic coordinates: 41°16'40.98"N 8°22'28.51"W.

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