Mayors Message

Dear friends,

The Europe 2020 strategy taken by the European Commission as a key factor of the Economical Growth, in particular the diversity of aspects associated with geographical base and its implications in the trajectory of development of territories, villages, towns, cities, countries, which make up the European Union, are taken as an excellent starting point for the project to present to the citizens of this county:

Project the Capital of Furniture brand and the county of Paços de Ferreira to on European scale.

In the last 10 years, focusing specifically on the last six , Portugal has lived and experienced particularly difficult times with an economic and financial crisis of global dimension; the perspective is that this is the right time to lay the foundations for a sustainable growth and lasting economical system.

We know that to reverse the effects of the economic and financial crisis, policymakers should establish clear and objective references to the economic development model which they wish to pursue and which actions they want to develop.

The transformation implemented by my executive to the county will be the most appropriate one, always on the basis of existing resources, the known limitations and concrete awareness of the various development possibilities. I would firmly say that the county supports and will always support, primarily, the existing economic ‘fabric’, including our 5000 companies.

The Capital of Furniture is certainly a prestigious brand, identifying the entrepreneurship and dynamism of this region.

The area representing the highest concentration of factories and furniture stores in Europe, with more than 2 million square meters of production area and exhibition  in a 5 km2 radius, just over 15 minutes from the airport that receives over 3 annually million people, allow us to create, aspire and believe that this unique space in Europe, which brings together the best Portuguese companies in the furniture and textile, is able to seduce the Europeans to know us assuring ourselves without FEAR that we are the:


Let's move forward. Confidently!

Take this friendly hug,

Humberto Brito

(Mayor of Paços de Ferreira)

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